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Multi Knit Mesh Column Packing

Multi Knit Mesh Column Packing

Multi Knit Mesh Column Packing is high performance porous knitted mesh packing for fractional distillation towers operating at reduced pressure or atmospheric pressure ideal for separation of heat sensitive material, high added products and close boiling fractions and for pressure drop. MULTI KNI-MESH has very low H. E. T. P. value, it gives higher throughout, high separation efficiency and lower energy consumption that random packing and Trays.


MULTI-MESH Column packing pads consists of fine strands of multifilament wires, knitted into a roll of required column diameter. The fine wires used for construction presents an m8/ m. The open structures are per unit volume typically 2000 spaces produced by the crimp provides tortuous passage ways for the rising vapour, which promote effective mixing by causing commodious division and reformulation on the vapour steams similarly the bunched wires, which are of capillary nature provide.

The streams wherever the wire cross. In addition, the capillary action of the wire makes it an excellent distributor and reacily removes liquid streams into the column and redistributions are not necessary.



Multi Knit Mesh Column Packing Manufacturer
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